The avant-garde.
The game changer.
The implementer of ideas.

That’s how you could describe the Head of Inspiration at TravelPioneer. His inventiveness astounded business men and women alike. At only 18 years old he started surprising across many industries with his courage and innovation and ever since, he has been striving for more. Restless, smart and novel – His philosophy encourages everyone in the TravelPioneer family to live up to their own potential, to give their best and to always endeavour to rediscover life anew.

The visionary for beauty.
The passionate aesthete.
The captor of momenta.

Creative at heart, thoughtful in mind, Massi has proven to be a true pioneer when it comes to seeking out potential and letting a brand stand out through his unique work. Growing up near the ever-present beauty of the Bavarian alps, a region full of wild forests and lakes, Massi learned through nature that there truly is beauty in everything. He knew that where there’s a will, there must be a way, so in 2017 he picked up his DSLR, took matters into his own hands and has since been self-employed as a designer and content creator. Authentic and real, always combining his passion with the needs of clients that want to make a difference.